Our design and engineering services; It aims to provide the highest benefit to our customers by designing the most suitable machines and equipment in line with the needs and demands of our customers, making engineering studies and necessary analyzes of the designs, taking into account their cost and manufacturability. The design and engineering services we provide to our clients include some qualifications:

Design and engineering is a process; Our engineers have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide the most ideal conditions for both needs and demands as well as cost and manufacturability at every stage of the process.

Design and engineering are purposeful; Defining the needs and demands of our customers clearly will provide the highest efficiency of design and engineering services.

Includes design and engineering constraints; Our engineers select solutions with the most desirable features and the fewest negative features. However, customer needs and demands may impose limitations that may include physical limitations of time, cost and materials.

Design and engineering are systematic and renewable; It is a process that includes steps that can be repeated, although not always in the same order. The steps involve varying requirements such as planning, modelling, testing and developing designs.

Design and engineering are social and collaborative; this process is usually done in small teams of people with different knowledge and experience. Designers are in constant communication with customers, team members and others.

Design and Engineering Process Steps

➤ Defining customer needs and demands.

➤ Reviewing customer needs and demands through mutual exchange of ideas.

➤ Search for similar solutions and ideas.

➤ Defining requirements and criteria.

➤ Development of design.

➤ Conducting the engineering studies and analysis of the design.

➤ Design review.

➤ Delivery of the design to the customer.